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Author: Bahaudin Ghulam Mujtaba
ISBN-10: 0977421198 ISBN-13: 9780977421190

Diversity is a reality of life, and a necessity in today’s workplace. Workforce Diversity Management is about increasing one’s cultural competency, understanding people as individuals rather than groups, and building productive human relationships in the workplace by focusing on an individual’s head, heart and habits. It requires examining one’s own beliefs and values as well as one’s personal habits and daily behaviors to learn the skills of dealing appropriately with individuals whose personal beliefs and values may be different. • Workforce Diversity Management can help professionals and managers deal with today’s diverse workforce more effectively, and to attract and retain productive associates in a competitive global economy. • The book can help managers create a pleasant work environment where all employees of diverse beliefs and values are respected and treated with dignity. • The concepts, cases, and exercises are very relevant to today’s work environment, and thus can easily fit most diversity management or cultural competency courses, seminars, and employee development workshops. • The author(s) has used the concepts discussed in this book both nationally and internationally with academic and practitioner audiences to help increase their awareness of diversity and different cultures. Workforce Diversity Management is a very practical book for diversity education and training and it includes examples, exercises and short cases.

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