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Author: Cliff Moughtin
Publication Date: 1999 ISBN-10: 0750641029 ISBN-13: 9780750641029

This book deals with a wide range of techniques used in the urban design process. It is invaluable for architecture, planning, landscape and surveying students and will also help professionals in the day to day practice. A method of urban design is developed which has sustainability and environmental protection at the centre of its philosophy. Previously, literature regarding the urban design method has been almost totally neglected; this book introduces the topic to the reader. A number of techniques are illustrated by example or case study. Where techniques are discussed they are located within the structure of the design process. The book develops a logical framework for a process, which includes problem definition, survey, analysis, concept generation, evaluation and implementation. It is this framework which is presented here as a discourse towards the development of an urban design method. This book is a practical guide, one that the authors themselves would have found useful as students or in the early years of their professional careers. It is organized so that each chapter provides guidance which hitherto, students and practitioners in this field have had to discover for themselves, often with some difficulty, since methods and techniques for urban design is a broad topic thinly spread in published form. Techniques illustrated by example or case study Practical guide to urban design which covers a core subject for undergraduate degree courses Techniques located within structure of the design process

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