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Author: Laurence Scot
Publication Date: 2010 ISBN-10: 0470575441 ISBN-13: 9780470575444

The ultimate insider guide to managing your nonprofit effectively and protecting its mission—all in one affordable collection This e-book bundle demystifies nonprofit laws and financial responsibilities, providing you with the expert advice to financially manage your nonprofit effectively and understand its complex legal issues. Written by renowned nonprofit leaders Bruce Hopkins, Thomas McLaughlin, and Laurence Scot, the Nonprofit Law and Finance Essentials e-book collection equips you to meet and manage your nonprofit’s legal and financial obligations with step-by-step guidance, practical tools, and concrete strategies. Fundraising Law Made Easy/Bruce R. Hopkins—features the ins and outs of fundraising law from nonprofit law authority Bruce Hopkins Streetsmart Financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers, Third Edition/Thomas A. McLaughlin—presents plain-English direction for reading, interpreting, and implementing financial data The Simplified Guide to Not-for-Profit Accounting, Formation & Reporting/Laurence Scot—offers a wealth of solid information for understanding nonprofit financial transactions, financial statements, and internal and external reports Learn how constitutional law, governance, and IRS audit practices pertain to charitable fundraising. Make management decisions that ensure your organization’s long-term financial viability. Navigate unique nonprofit accounting rules. It’s all at your fingertips with Wiley’s Nonprofit Law & Finance Essentials e-book set, equipping you with the tools to manage money and mission.

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