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Author: Larry Tracy
ISBN-10: 1591097029 ISBN-13: 9781591097020

No less an authority on communication skills than President Ronald Reagan described Larry Tracy as “an extraordinarily effective speaker.” In this book, he provides the “real world” experience-based lessons in presentation skills that earned him such praise. Like his acclaimed workshops for corporate executives and government officials, this book is based on the assumption that people who must improve their presentation skills, but are pressed for time, require a “shortcut,” not lengthy books with numerous tips, checklists and page-filling anecdotes. This book provides precisely that: A succinct, timesaving method for busy people to become better, more persuasive speakers.     The system outlined in the book is a three step process: In Planning, you’ll learn how to “Get to the Point” and intersect your objective with your audience’s needs and problems through Larry’s proven 3-1-2 System. You will also learn how to always have a “Plan B Presentation” ready for those occasions when your allotted time is reduced at the last minute. In Practicing, you’ll learn how to hone your speaking skills, eliminate “uh’s” and “Y’knows,” and anticipate questions and objections before the presentation with a unique practice method. In Presenting, you’ll learn to convert your nervousness to audience-connecting enthusiasm, and to develop and use visuals, including PowerPoint slides, so they complement, not distract from, your message. You’ll learn as well how to employ your voice and body language to reinforce content, including the use of rhetorical devices to make your presentations eloquent, memorable and persuasive.     In summary, this book will show you how to organize and deliver your knowledge with laser-like intensity targeted to solving the problems of your various “audiences”– Boards of Directors, shareholders, clients, customers, etc.– so these audiences conclude that (1) what you are proposing is in their best interests, and (2) you are an outstanding speaker.

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