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Author: David White
ISBN-10: 019539304X ISBN-13: 9780195393040

The Physiology and Biochemistry of Prokaryotes covers the basic principles of prokaryotic physiology, biochemistry, and cell behavior. The fourth edition features comprehensive updates that integrate the latest developments in the field, including genomics, microbial diversity, systems biology, cell-to-cell signaling, and biofilms. The book also presents microbial metabolism in the context of the chemical and physical problems that cells must solve in order to grow. Written in a clear, straightforward manner, the fourth edition adds two new coauthors, Jim Drummond and Clay Fuqua, each a highly respected scholar in his field. The text is organized by topic rather than by organism; this innovative structure will help you to better understand the general principles of physiology and metabolism. Each chapter ends with a summary, thought-provoking study questions, and an extensive list of references to outside research literature that you can access for more information and detailed explanations of material in the text.NEW TO THIS EDITION:- New coauthors Jim Drummond and Clay Fuqua each contribute chapters that make this edition the most authoritative and current book in the discipline- Three new chapters cover RNA and protein synthesis, microbial films, structured multicellular assemblies, and cell-to-cell communication mechanisms- Comprehensive revisions update the text with the latest research in the discipline-A new thematic emphasis introduces two themes:º A comprehensive energetics perspectiveº Molecular machinery will be described throughout the text to help create a unifying narrative across biological principles

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