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Author: Henryk Iwaniec
ISBN-10: 0821831607 ISBN-13: 9780821831601

Automorphic forms are one of the central topics of analytic number theory. In fact, they sit at the confluence of analysis, algebra, geometry, and number theory. In this book, Henryk Iwaniec once again displays his penetrating insight, powerful analytic techniques, and lucid writing style. The first edition of this volume was an underground classic, both as a textbook and as a respected source for results, ideas, and references. The book’s reputation sparked a growing interest in the mathematical community to bring it back into print. The AMS has answered that call with the publication of this second edition. In the book, Iwaniec treats the spectral theory of automorphic forms as the study of the space $L^2 (HGamma)$, where $H$ is the upper half-plane and $Gamma$ is a discrete subgroup of volume-preserving transformations of $H$. He combines various techniques from analytic number theory. Among the topics discussed are Eisenstein series, estimates for Fourier coefficients of automorphic forms, the theory of Kloosterman sums, the Selberg trace formula, and the theory of small eigenvalues. Henryk Iwaniec was awarded the 2002 AMS Cole Prize for his fundamental contributions to analytic number theory. Also available from the AMS by H. Iwaniec is Topics in Classical Automorphic Forms, Volume 17 in the Graduate Studies in Mathematics series. The book is designed for graduate students and researchers working in analytic number theory.

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