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Author: edited by Xiaoming Tao
Publication Date: 2005 ISBN-10: 1855735466 ISBN-13: 9781855735460

Smart fibres, fabrics and clothing starts with a review of the background to smart technology and goes on to cover a wide range of the material science and fibre science aspects of the technology including: Electrically active polymeric materials and the applications of nonionic polymer gel and elastomers for artificial muscles; Thermally sensitive fibres and fabrics; Cross-linked polyol fibrous substrates stimuli-responsive interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel; Permeation control through stimuli-responsive polymer membranes; optical fibre sensors, hollow fibre membranes for gas separation; integrating fibre-formed components into textile structures; Wearable electronic and photonic technologies; Adaptive and responsive textile structures (ARTS); Biomedical applications including the applications of scaffolds in tissue engineering

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