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Retratos: Arte Y Sociedad En Latinoamerica Y Espana Margarita M. Snchez, 2015
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9781585107506

Drawing on authentic cultural materials ranging from thought-provoking artwork to classic literature and short contemporary films, Retratos: Arte y sociedad en Latinoamrica y Espaa offers a fresh and inspired approach to the teaching of advanced Spanish Composition. In each of the eight thematically-organized chapters, these primary source materials are used to illustrateto provide a portrait ofa historically or culturally important figure in the Hispanic world. These first-hand introductions to such personalities offer students rich opportunities to explore cultural differences, learn grammar in context, and complete writing activities with a real relationship to both themselves and the world around them. Features: The unifying theme of portraiturewith each chapter providing the distinct perspective of a key figure in the Latin American and Spanish worldsorganizes the topics in the book, such that students can build on and compare/contrast what they have already learned. 90 full-color reproductions of authentic artworks and photographs provide students with vivid illustrations of important historical and cultural references. Award- winning short films, streaming online, allow for immediate and focused in- class discussion. Writing in process: each chapter highlights a specific writing genre, reviews a grammatical point, and introduces a writing sampleall situated within the context of the chapter topic. Text selections showcase exciting new Latin American and Spanish voices, including such authors as Junot Daz, Laura Freixas, Dolores Prida, and many others.

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