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Assessment And Reporting: Celebrating Student Achievement Laurie Brady, 2018
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9781488615863

Assessment and Reporting: Celebrating Student Achievement provides a timely analysis of assessment and reporting within two different contexts: increased accountability required by governments and a greater focus on authentic assessment that facilitates student learning. These two contexts are not necessarily complementary and provide unique challenges for teachers. The book examines the nature of assessment and reporting and the relationship to learning; it defines key terms, enunciates principles, and describes a range of strategies that respond to the more formal approaches to testing as well as recent approaches to authentic assessment, including peer and self-assessment. It also examines the Australian government's external testing program, and the assessment and reporting implications of the national curriculum. Assessment and reporting practice is analysed within the context of eight cases that have the benefit of presenting practice as problematic and situated. Assessment and Reporting: Celebrating Student Achievement captures with fidelity the reality of assessment and reporting policy as well as practice in Australian schools, reflects the concerns of the contemporary assessment literature and articulates the complex issues relating to assessment and reporting. Additionally, this product Has respected and updated/current content, mapped to industry standards delivered in a range of customisable formats and affordable price points. Can be delivered via Revel, offering an interactive learning experience available on all devices Has respected authors in the field Is part of a connected collection in the Education portfolio offering a suite of resources across an Education degree in a consistent format and style. Can be used across all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters) Education courses Is mapped to the Australian Professional Standards for Graduate Teachers by AITSL

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