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Social Inequality In A Global Age Scott R. Sernau, 2016
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9781483373973

Social Inequality in a Global Age, 5th Edition is a main text for upper- level undergraduate courses on Social Stratification and Social Inequality. The book examines systems of inequality in the U.S. based on race, class, gender and sexuality, as well as the dynamics of power and privilege. While the focus is on U.S., Scott Sernau discusses the interplay of systems of inequality in the U.S, and the changing global economy. Other themes in the book are the intersection of race, class, and gender and how it forms a pervasive institutionalized system of privilege and oppression; and the importance of social actors and social change as a way of addressing inequality. Arguments about inequality are supported with data in clear, graphical formats and measures of inequality are explained early in the text.

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