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The Law Of Defamation And The Internet Dr. Matthew Collins, 2005
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9780199281824

The Internet has revolutionized the way in which we communicate. In a few short years, it has made instantaneous global communication available affordably to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. The Internet is simultaneously a bastion of free speech and a medium of potentially limitless international defamation. The first edition of The Law of Defamation and the Internet, was the first text to analyze comprehensively the application of defamation laws in the United Kingdom and Australia to material published via the Internet. The second edition builds on the strengths of the first. As well as comprehensively updating the law, the coverage of European and American law has been substantially expanded, as has the coverage of 'hot' topics such as liability for linking and framing, and jurisdiction over foreign publications.

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