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Experiencing The World's Religions Loose Leaf Michael Molloy, 2012
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9780078038273

Michael Molloys multi-dimensional examination of religions, combined with Connect Religions skills-based activities, provides an intimate learning experience for students. Experiencing the Worlds Religions integrated program supports todays students and provides skills that extend beyond the Introduction to Religion course, engaging both non-majors and majors in the subject. The goal of the 6th edition is to better meet the Introduction to Religion course challenges of building student engagement, developing critical analysis skills, and building writing skills. The 6th edition of Experiencing the Worlds Religions continues to include primary sources, current examples, and coverage of women, to ensure students are introduced to unfamiliar religions in ways that are accessible, inviting, and intriguing. Experiencing these concepts and cultures is the hallmark of Michael Molloys approach. His pedagogy and activities are now fully integrated and assessable within Connect Religion, to make for an increased understanding of the most important and memorable elements of each religion. Writing activities in Connect Religion, tied to chapter narrative, offer students the chance to develop their critical analysis skills and put their informed opinions on religion into writing. The result is greater student engagement and greater course success.

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