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Wardlaw's Contemporary Nutrition: A Functional Approach Gordon M. Wardlaw, 2017
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9781259706608

Contemporary Nutrition: A Functional Approach is an alternate version of Wardlaw/Smith/Collenes Contemporary Nutrition, offering a unique approach by organizing vitamins and minerals within the context of physiological functions and the health conditions they influence. Current research is at the core of the fifth edition, with revised statistics, incorporation of new results of clinical trials, and updated recommendations. The text provides students who lack a strong science background the ideal balance of reliable nutrition information and practical consumer-oriented knowledge. Always looking to make the content relevant to learners, the authors highlight health conditions, medications, food products, and supplements students or members of their families may be using. With their friendly writing style, the authors act as the students personal guide to dispelling common misconceptions and to gaining a solid foundation for making informed nutrition choices.

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