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The McGraw-Hill Guide: Writing For College, Writing For Life (Student Edition) Duane Roen, 2010
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9780073383972

Grounded in the Writing Program Administrators Outcomes Statement, The McGraw-Hill Guide helps students, instructors, and programs set, achieve, and assess their writing goals. Meeting the objective of any composition course by putting students on the path to becoming successful writers, The McGraw-Hill Guide teaches students how to use a sequence of writing goals that can be adapted to any situation. In this manner it is easily adapted to any composition program or any individual instructor's needs by providing a consistent measure of outcomes across courses. If your goal is to teach your students how to adapt to any writing situation using a goal- centered approach, then The McGraw-Hill Guide is the perfect match for your composition course. With its optional Handbook, easily customizable Table of Contents, and comprehensive Online Edition, The McGraw-Hill Guide adapts to the changing needs of your writing program. Meet the authors, download a sample chapter and learn more at The McGraw-Hill Guide's Website.

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