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Standards For Tissue Banking Aatb, 2012
ISBN10: n/a    ISBN13: 9780000497024

Some highlights of improvements made to the 13th edition include: * The durable, plastic, coiled spine, which allows the book to lie flat when opened, has been enlarged to accommodate >100 pages added since the last edition. When Standards is kept in a 3-ring binder notebook, this larger spine size will accommodate insertion of printable standards updates and allow easier turning of pages without page distortion. * This is the first cover to include an image of human tissue. * A Preface is now included that describes history of the development of the Standards. * For the first time, AATB's Accreditation Policies for Transplant Tissue Banks is included as an easily accessed reference. * The 12th edition was the first to include all of AATB's current Guidance Documents and this edition contains double the original number published. Additionally, guidance documents were updated to Times New Roman font to match the Standards and, where possible, the names of contributors were added. * A detailed summary and description of updates can be accessed here: Overview and Updates - 13th Edition A CD- ROM is again included with the book. This is located in a holder attached to the inside of the back cover. The Standards appear on the CD in two versions, PDF (Adober) and Word (Microsoftr), and both versions are searchable.

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