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Author: Geoff Reiss
Publication Date: 1995 ISBN-10: 0419207503 ISBN-13: 9780419207504

This book explains the many techniques which have been developed to help you manage projects successfully using very clear objectives within a commercial environment. Examples are drawn from construction, civil engineering, product launches, publishing, computer hardware and software, scientific projects and aerospace. In this new edition, the author has updated the text to reflect current changes and new techniques available. There is a new chapter on risk management which will help the project manager estimate and manage the ‘unmanageable’. Written in an approachable and easy to read style, this practical introduction will show you how, where and when to use the various project management techniques; demonstrate how you can achieve efficient management of human, material and financial resources; help you make major contributions to the success of your projects; make you an appreciated and successful project manager.

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