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Author: Nina Rappaport, editor with Markus Dochantschi and Jonah Gamblin
Publication Date: 2006 ISBN-10: 0393732207 ISBN-13: 9780393732207

This first in a series of books from the Yale School of Architecture studies the collaborative process between architects and developers made possible by the Edward P. Bass Distinguished Visiting Architecture Fellowship. In a Yale advanced studio, students designed projects that would transform Garibaldi Repubblica, a neglected site in central Milan, into a vital urban place. The book includes interviews with Bass Distinguished Visiting Fellow Gerald D. Hines; Saarinen Visiting Professor Stefan Behnisch; as well as those who participated in the studio research process ? Cesar Pelli, Beatrice Trussardi, and Gianni Verga. Studio review discussions include commentary by architects Harry Cobb, George Knight, Greg Lynn, Brigitte Shim, Mark Simon, Robert A. M. Stern, Rafael Vi?oly, Tod Williams, and Jay Wyper. The dynamic designs highlight current planning concepts for the site and the student?s projects in response.

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