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Author: edited by A.F.J. Levi, S. Haas
Publication Date: 2010 ISBN-10: 0521116600 ISBN-13: 9780521116602

Dramatic advances in the control of physical systems at the atomic scale have provided many new ways to manufacture devices. An important question is how best to design these ultra-small complex systems. Access to vast amounts of inexpensive computing power makes it possible to accurately simulate their physical properties. Furthermore, high-performance computers allow us to explore the large number of degrees of freedom with which to construct new device configurations. This book aims to lay the groundwork for a methodology to exploit these emerging capabilities using optimal device design. By combining applied mathematics, smart computation, physical modeling, and 21st century engineering and fabrication tools it is possible to find atomic and nano-scale configurations that result in components with performance characteristics that have not been achieved using other methods–Provided by publisher.

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