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Author: Peggy Noonan
ISBN-10: 0060987405 ISBN-13: 9780060987404

For anyone who fears the thought of writing and giving a speech–be it to business associates, or at a wedding–help is at hand. Acclaimed presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan shares her secrets to becoming a confidence, persuasive speaker demystifying topics including: Finding you own authentic voice Developing a text that interest you Acing the all-important first paragraph Using logic to move your audience Creating, developing, and reinventing the “core speech” for diverse audiences Strengthening your speech with a vital element: humor Winnowing your thought down to the essentials Handling professional jargon, clichÉs, and the sound bite syndrome Presenting your speech in the best way Collecting intellectual income–conversing your speech treasures Breaking all the rules and still succeeding Reading for inspiration–how to use the excellence of others Complete with lessons, tips and memorable examples, On Speaking Well shows us how to create forceful, persuasive, relevant speeches that will resonate with our audiences. Engaging, informative, and always entertaining, this is undoubtedly the authoritative how-to guide for anyone writing or giving a speech

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