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Author: Robert J. Hunter
ISBN-10: 0198553862 ISBN-13: 9780198553861

From agricultural soils to the foods we eat to the structure of biological cells, most of our world is made up of heterogeneous mixtures of particles. Authored by a leading expert in the field, Introduction to Modern Colloid Science offers an up-to-date, interdisciplinary introduction to the processes that govern the behavior of such colloidal systems. Throughout, the book emphasizes basic principles and does not require significant expertise in chemistry or mathematics. Topics include the characterization of colloidal dispersions, flow behavior, thermodynamics of surfaces, and applications of colloid and surface science. The book will be welcomed by students in physical chemistry and chemical engineering as well as by people in industry wanting an introduction to the applications of colloid science in the processing, waste treatment, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and agriculture fields.

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