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Author: Gary Chartrand
ISBN-10: 1439826277 ISBN-13: 9781439826270

Continuing to provide a carefully written, thorough introduction, Graphs & Digraphs, Fifth Edition expertly describes the concepts, theorems, history, and applications of graph theory. Nearly 50 percent longer than its bestselling predecessor, this edition reorganizes the material and presents many new topics. New to the Fifth Edition New or expanded coverage of graph minors, perfect graphs, chromatic polynomials, nowhere-zero flows, flows in networks, degree sequences, toughness, list colorings, and list edge colorings New examples, figures, and applications to illustrate concepts and theorems Expanded historical discussions of well-known mathematicians and problems More than 300 new exercises, along with hints and solutions to odd-numbered exercises at the back of the book Reorganization of sections into subsections to make the material easier to read Bolded definitions of terms, making them easier to locate Despite a field that has evolved over the years, this student-friendly, classroom-tested text remains the consummate introduction to graph theory. It explores the subject’s fascinating history and presents a host of interesting problems and diverse applications.

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