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Author: Biren Prasad
Publication Date: 1997 ISBN-10: 0133969460 ISBN-13: 9780133969467

A thorough, original guide to using Concurrent Engineering principles to develop products that meet customer needs — and to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.This book shows how CE encompasses manufacturing competitiveness, life-cycle management, process reengineering, cooperative workgroups, systems engineering, information modeling, and product, process and organization integration. This book also identifies, for the first time, 25 fundamental CE metrics and measures. These are categorized into four groups: simulations and analysis, product feasibility and quality assessment, design for X-ability assessment, and process quality assessment. The book describes the new process of Concurrent Function Deployment, which allows workgroups to work concurrently on conflicting values and compare notes and common checkpoints. Extensive exercises and illustrations are included throughout. Managers involved in any type of product development.

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