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Author: Michael Bakan
ISBN-10: 0077337719 ISBN-13: 9780077337711

An expanded four-CD set is new to this edition. The new compilation includes 107 tracks constituting a full five hours of music, with more than an hour’s worth of new music in all. The same emphasis on high-quality, professional recordings by the likes of Ravi Shankar, John Coltrane, Tito Puente, Santana, Shakti, Angélique Kidjo, The Chieftains, Eileen Ivers, and Yo-Yo Ma that defined the first edition has carried over to the second edition, and the compilation has been enhanced by the addition of 19 brand new tracks (see list of new tracks, pp. xxvi–xxvii). As with the first edition, a high level of integration and synergy between the music on the CD set and the content of the text is a hallmark feature of the second edition. A “music first” priority, in which the music drives the text rather than the other way around, is emphasized throughout.

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