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Author: Dabczynski
ISBN-10: 0739048635 ISBN-13: 9780739048634

Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic: Old-Time Fiddle Tunes is absolutely perfect for introducing fiddling to your youngest string players. Eleven tunes from the old-time American fiddling tradition are presented first in a simplified, “”basic”" version of the tune printed with note names in the note heads. Following the Philharmonic format, the tune is then presented in an “”advanced,”" but still accessible version of the tune. Several options for simple back-ups and very basic improvisation tips are provided for each instrument. Basic Fiddlers Philharmonic keeps each version on its own staff to avoid confusing young readers and lyrics are included where applicable. The accompaniment CD features recordings of both versions as well as a back-up track for play-along at home or in class.

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